Here at Blue Sol Design we strive to build you the most complete solution for your web presence.  Whether it’s on cell phones, tablets, or computers; we do it all. All of the websites that we design and maintain are responsive in nature, taking out the need for having separate sites for both cell phone and desktop coding alike. It is all built into one website and present across all platforms. Big sites or small, regardless of what you want, we got you covered!

Security is another issue we strive to be perfect on. Everyday websites are being attacked; data leaks, user information, personal details, etc.  We are happy to say that to this day we have never been a victim to such attacks, protecting you and your users. Our track record is the proof of our success in being able to keep our websites protected and safe.

A membership system can be incorporated to your Joomla website, providing your users who are members to have access to premium content not available for others. This includes video streaming, a member’s only area and other various things to your liking. This software works best with PayPal but can also be made to work with other web based payment systems. The automatic nature of this system allows you to continue your work without having to be watching it, providing you ease of mind. After all, you probably have plenty else to worry about as a business owner.